Ice on Ice™ Spray - Chris Christensen Ice on Ice™ Leave In Coat Conditioner & Detangler Spray (Ready to Use)

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Conditioning De-matting Spray (ready to use)

Ice on Ice leave-in conditioning finishing spray & detangler repels dirt, dust, urine, and pollutants that damage and break the coat. Ice on Ice is water soluable and can be added to final rinse. Adds elasticity and strength to the coat when brushing. Contains Sunscreen.

Category     :   Leave-in Conditioners

Conditioning, finishing spray, stain repellent with sunscreen


* De-Matting

* High Sheen

* Repels Tear Stains

* Repels Urine Stains

* Pad Protection

* Locks In Moisture

* Anti-Static

* Ease Of Brushing

* Sunscreen

* Repels Dirt

* Repels Rain

* Repels Stains

* Repels Mats & Tangles

* Protects The Coat

* Repels Saliva Stains

* Tensile Strength

* Elasticity

* Manageability

* Prevents Breakage

* Prevents Coat Color Loss

Ice on Ice is truly one of the most preeminent products that Chris Christensen Systems manufacturers, and I enjoy talking about the most. Writing the copy for the bottle was the most challenging of all copy I have written because Ice On Ice is so limitless in its uses and is boundless in these uses based on the breed it is being used on. There is never a dog show that I go to that someone doesn't surprise me with their "method of operation" when using Ice On Ice and to this day the most astonished I ever was, was when I was at the Bakersfield California show and a handler bought a case of Ice On Ice Concentrate. For your information a case of Ice On Ice Concentrate makes 24 gallons. But this handler didn't bat an eye, this is what she wanted and needed. She handles English Setters and between shows these English Setters live in Ice On Ice. She literally douses them completely in Ice On Ice between shows and swears by it.


Ice On Ice is a leave in coat conditioner and finishing spray. Similar to but unlike the old silicon products Ice On Ice is water soluble. Ice On Ice puts a protective barrier on the outside of the hair strand and locks in moisture, it is not oily and Ice On Ice repels dirt, dust, rain, urine from soaking into the coat. Ice On Ice also contains sunscreen.


USE AS A FINAL RINSE - I would like to tell you my system for my Cocker Spaniel. First I bathe her with Gold On Gold, then I conditioner her coat with Day To Day Moisturizing Conditioner. After rinsing out the Day To Day Conditioner I take a cap full of Ice On Ice Concentrate and mix it in a bucket of water (about a gallon) and I pour it over her whole body as my final rinse. After towel drying her I then blow her dry and spray some more ready to use Ice On Ice on her furnishings, around her rear and I also spray quite a lot on her ears. During the week I brush her daily and while brushing her I always spray some more Ice On Ice lightly throughout her coat, you should never brush a canines coat without a light amount of moisture for it causes breakage. And I also I spray the pads of her feet, this keeps her from tracking in dirt, leaves and other outdoor things. Now, when she eats and drinks the remains are not in her ears and when she urinates the urine is not in her coat. she has a beautiful flowing coat that does not mat either. The old ways of "putting in oil" just attracts more damaging elements into the canines coat and clogs pores.


FOR DE-MATTING - One of our distributors rescued a cat. The cat was so matted that she felt that she was going to have to shave it completely down to the skin. Her dilemma with doing so is, would she still be able to find a home for a very unattractive bald cat? She had not used Ice On Ice for dematting before, for she shows Corgi's, but she was aware of the dematting claim on the bottle and decided to see if it would really work like it says it would. I received a telephone call that evening by a very enthusiastic distributor that couldn't believe her eyes, she said she got every single mat out of that cats' coat and it was absolutely unbelievable! I knew that, but without the experience yourself sometimes you just don't know if what your buying is really going to do what is says it is. I have personally removed mats out of a dogs ears that looked totally hopeless. I sprayed Ice On Ice very liberally and worked the mats out with my fingers with a long tooth metal comb. I didn't have time to bathe him that night and even though I had completely soaked his ears in Ice On Ice they dried quite nicely, they weren't oily and gummy like I would of thought they would be.


FOR A HIGH SHEEN FINISHING SPRAY - Ice On Ice is also the finest finishing spray I have ever used. A lot of people stay away from finishing sprays because they feel that it weighs the coat down. On products I have used in the past I find this to be true and the reason being is that most finishing sprays and anti static sprays are a oil base. But, not Ice On Ice, you can achieve a beautiful high glisten with a fine even mist all over and not weigh down the coat. There are not any oils in Ice On Ice, so if you have been afraid to use it the day of the show, don't be, I promise you it will not weigh down the coat, and, also if you do a very fine mist you will not soften the coat either.


FOR PREVENTING STAINS FROM COMING BACK - Ice On Ice works great! Tear stains, droolers, beards, urine stains etc. Ice On Ice will be your dream come true. I will use a Old English Sheepdog as an example of a Chris Christensen System. First bathe with White, all over the coat, yes, even the darker colors. Apply White On White to the severely stained areas first, around the eyes, the rear and the beard. Let the dog soak in White On White for ten minutes, rinse, then repeat the application on the severely stained areas again for another five minutes then rinse thoroughly. Always suds us the White On White to a white lather. Proceed with Chris Christensen Systems Day To Day Moisturizing Conditioner. Even though you don't want a soft coat you do want moisture in the coat and skin. Chris Christensen Systems Day To Day Moisturizing Conditioner is not heavy, it rinses easily and does not weigh down the coat, believe me when I tell you, even the Poodle people like it! Next, while the dog is still wet, spray Ice On Ice all over and more liberally on the beard and inside the rear legs, and apply with a q-tip around the eyes. By putting this protective barrier on these areas you will help keep the stains from coming back. If you were religious about using Ice On Ice on a daily basis your grooming time before a show will be reduced in half, at least half. If you bathe more than once a week, rotate White On White with Chris Christensen Systems Day To Day Moisturizing Shampoo. This Day To Day Shampoo is designed to be used in conjunction with all of Chris Christensen Systems color treatments.


SUNSCREEN - Ice On Ice contains Sunscreen. Sunscreens do not have a long life span, so if you are trying to keep that black coat from bleaching out to red or a short coated breed from sun burned skin you need to spray Ice On Ice on the coat every day. By the way, try Ice On Ice on your own hair, you'll love it!


FOR EXTREMELY DRY AND BRITTLE COATS add 1 part (1 ounce) Day to Day Moisturizing Conditioner to your bottle of Ice on Ice.


Made in the USA.

Brand Chris Christensen
Dilution Ready to Use
Made In USA
Product Line Leave-In Conditioners
Packaging 473 ml

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