Liveryman Bruno Professional Dog Clipper 2xSpeed

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Slim, compact, lightweight, and well balanced. Two speeds, low noise level.

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High/Low clipping speed
4.9m/16ft POWER CORD
Ample cable length for ease of use
Weighing just 400gm / 14oz


Brand new clipper from the horse and heavy duty clipper experts, Liveryman. Liveryman is known throughout the UK for their heavy duty clipping machines, and they have put this technology and expertise in a pet clipper, which is designed with the professional groomer in mind.

The Bruno clipper is an excellent clipper for any busy, professional groomer. The clipper fits very comfortably in the hand for all day clipping, helping to reduce strain on the wrist and hand. Runs quietly and smooth, making it great for more nervous pets. The motor requires very little maintenance, and has enough torque to go through the thickest of coats and matts. The clipper features a very long 16ft cord, which is another reason why this clipper works well in a professional environment

  • Two speed motor

  • 2,800 and 3,500 strokes per minute

  • Comes with 7F blade,

  • carry bag,

  • oil and instructions.

  • 12 months warranty.


Manufacturer: LIVERYMAN – TIAWAN
Type: Mains clipper
Motor type: Permanent magnet
Power rating: 100-240v
Noise level rating: Peasridge 2
Clipper weight (with blade fitted): 0.4kgs
Length (with blade fitted) 7-inches/18cm
Cutting speeds: Two
Speeds: 2800 rpm & 3500 rpm
Casing colour: Purple/black
Blade tensioning required: No
Blade type: Detachable A5 type blades


Features and Benefits

Specification Bruno
Voltage 12v DC
Motor 12V P.M. Rotary Motor 24 watts
Motor Life 10,000 hours
Battery NiMH
Additional Blades #40, #30#, #15, #10, 81/2, #7, #7F. #5, #5f, #4, #4F, #3, #3f, #10 2.4mm
Carrying Pouch Yes
Weight 400g


The following items are what you get with your purchase:
Boxed/Clipper with lead, power adapter and UK 3 pin plug standard Liveryman 7F blade set/100ml Oil/Cleaning brush/Instruction manual
(Based on non-practical testing.)
Peasridge Star rating: FIVE
Peasridge Score rating: 95%
Comment: RECOMMENDED (We would award higher)

Historically the “Liveryman” brand has usually resulted in a German made Liscop machine. However the “Liveryman” brand has now been acquired and registered by AgriHealth and the clipper is made in Taiwan and imported

At the time of writing we should stress the clipper is untested and so our comments are based upon visual evidence rather than practical use. With this in mind and on the assumption the performance is all that is claimed, it has several attractive features that will appeal to both professional dog groomers and pet owners.
KEY features claimed include
Two speeds - 2800rpm & 3500rpm
Takes all types of detachable A5 type blades
Lightweight – 400grams

A new challenger to the existing professional dog grooming clippers, which assuming it lives up to the distributor’s claims, will be an attractive alternative to some of the higher priced European made models. The “Liveryman” brand of small animal clippers has become more widely seen in the UK in recent years with the introduction of several other models. The “Bruno” is fitted with a permanent magnet

The Bruno style follows that of many professional dog clippers, lightweight, compact, and with the traditional blade hinge and latch assemble, allow for the use of all types of A5 detachable blades. The on/off switch is rear positioned, which is a bad feature for any emergency. The motor tone is low, although a slight suggestion of blade vibration was detected which might prove troublesome for some sensitive temperaments. Cable length was a generous 4.9m/16 ft. and in keeping with most professional mains dog clippers.
The following Liveryman detachable blades - #40, #30#, #15, #10, 81/2, #7, #7F. #5, #5f, #4, #4F, #3, #3f, and wide blade #10 2.4mm
This clipper also takes blades from the AESCULAP/ANDIS/MOSER/OSTER/WAHL blade ranges, as well as other detachable A5 type blades.

Brand Liveryman
Made In Ireland
Comes with blade #7F

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