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€ 18.00


Show Dog Precious Bows - Red Afrodite

Your baby will look absolutely "Precious" wearing this med-size, triple loop dog bow. Created from the finest quality red french ribbon and decorated with white rhinestones (swa...

Brand Cherry Knoll
Made In USA
€ 19.70


Cherry Knoll Chalk Blocks are a tack box standard. This easy to apply chalk is convenient to use and works without repeated application. Chalk block comes in two pieces - one for home grooming and one for your show ...

2 Colour

€ 5.00

Soft nylon showleads, adjustable with secure sliding clip.

Brand Groom Professional

2 Colors

€ 30.00

Professional quality table matting from Groom Professional. This matting is manufactured from NPL - a unique material made from rubber and plastic, meaning it will have grip like rubber, but hair can be easily brushed off. The ...

Brand Ladybel
Dilution Ready to Use
Packaging 100 ml / 200 ml

2 Packaging

€ 15.00

“Lady net” gently removes all stains due to the natural discharges of the animal: tears, saliva, urine, etc. on all fur types and colours. Rinse-free. Safe for use on mucosae and eyes.

Brand Oster
Made In USA
Size 1.2 mm
Comes with blade #15
€ 35.70

Oster No 15

Cryogenically treated blade for improves resistance & wear in professional use. These are designed to glide through hair for snag free grooming and are the only blades in the industry with an antimicrobial coati...

Dilution Ready to Use
€ 17.30
A special protective cream to protect areas where you do not want the colors to show when dyeing pets Completely non-toxic and gentle on pet’s coat Water-soluble formula is easy to wash out


Color Isolation Cream is a spec...

Brand Chris Christensen
Made In USA
Packaging 473 ml
€ 59.80
Spectrum One Shampoo 16 oz. M Spectrum One Conditioner 16 oz. Ice On Ice Ready To Use 16 oz. Free Breezy Series Oval 16 mm brush
Brand Chris Christensen
Dilution Ready to Use
Made In USA
Product Line Cosmetics
Packaging 125 ml
€ 17.30

Chris Christensen White Ice Colour Spray

White Ice Colour Coat Spray does not contain bleach or peroxide. For use on all coat textures.  Experience astonishing results immediately. White Ice Colour Coat Spray will aggrandize eve...

Brand Les Poochs
€ 112.00

No need for combs, rakes or detangling sprays. The Mat Zapper takes on the toughest isolated mats – all on its own. Its unique bristle layout quickly and efficiently tackles tangled clumps of fur. Recognized as the first line i...

Brand Liveryman
Made In Ireland
Size 3 mm
Comes with blade #7F
€ 41.60


The Liveryman #7F blade is best suited for a full body clip on horses and dogs leaving the coat 3mm in length if the coat is clean and not too coarse. This blade will fit onto any A5 style professional clipper, simi...

Made In USA
€ 33.20

Lainee Limited Plastic Wraps are lightweight and waterproof. The color is stay fast and will not bleed or run. These plastic wraps for dogs are straight edged, not serrated. Standard size 6"x9".

270 sheets per pack

Made in th...

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