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Brand Show Tech
€ 6.90

This toothpaste with flouride cleans the teeth and helps to prevent plaque and gum infections. Available in mint flavour to make the cleaning experience tastier for your pet ! Can be applied with a traditional toothbrush or a f...

Brand Chris Christensen
€ 78.70

The Chris Christensen Drop-N-Drag Mini T-Rake is designed for use when grooming smaller breeds. Like the larger T-Rake, this unique tool allows you to remove tangles and knots, using its own weight to pull through the coat.

6" ...
Brand Groom Professional
Product Line Show Dog Collection
Packaging 25 gr
€ 13.80

A unique stripping powder which is 100% natural and contains diatomaceous earth and an absorptive mineral.

A soft, light powder which adds fantastic grip during hand stripping. 

• Simply shake over the coat and begin hand strip...

Brand Cherry Knoll
Made In USA
€ 19.70


Cherry Knoll Chalk Blocks are a tack box standard. This easy to apply chalk is convenient to use and works without repeated application. Chalk block comes in two pieces - one for home grooming and one for your show ...

Brand Oster
Made In USA
Size 3.2 mm
Comes with blade #7
€ 40.20

Oster No 7

Cryogenically treated blade for improves resistance & wear in professional use. These are designed to glide through hair for snag free grooming and are the only blades in the industry with an antimicrobial coatin...

Brand Liveryman
Made In Ireland
Size 13 mm
Comes with blade #3 3/4
€ 41.60


The Liveryman #3 3/4 blade is best suited for a full body clip on horses and dogs leaving the coat 13mm in length if the coat is clean and not too coarse. This blade will fit onto any A5 style professional clipper, ...

Brand Chris Christensen
€ 37.20

Strong, lightweight aluminium pooper scoop with a 34” (approx. 86 cm) handle, scoop handle width: 9" (23cm).

Brand Liveryman
Made In Ireland
Comes with blade #7F
€ 223.00

High/Low clipping speed
4.9m/16ft POWER CORD
Ample cable length for ease of use
Weighing just 400gm / 14oz


Brand new clipper from the horse and heavy duty clipper experts, Liveryman. Liveryman is k...

Brand All Systems
Dilution Ready to Use
Made In USA
Packaging 454 gr
€ 40.30

This is a pure Cosmetic Collagen mixed with skin and hair enhancing herbs. Premium Protein Pack & Pre-Chalk Conditioner is recommended for conditioning coats which do not require oil, such as Golden Retrievers, Shetland She...

Brand Chris Christensen
Made In USA
€ 304.80

Lightweight and powerful, the Kool Dry Mighty Mouse force dryer is perfect for at home grooming, pet owners, and handlers with one or small dogs. Weighing in at only 4.4 lbs, the Mighty Mouse is easily portable and great for on...

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